We will inform you. So you are aware of the different clinics and treatment options abroad


We listen to you. So we can give you appropriate advice that meets your needs


We will support you. So you can carefree undergo your fertility treatment

About us

FertiTravel is a consultancy with objective to inform, advice and guide people who want to undergo a fertility treatment abroad.

Our knowledge

For us personal attention is a priority. We know that selecting a suitable clinic for fertility treatment is a difficult task. Together we discuss different clinics. We will provide more information about the clinics and explain the different treatments offered. We will advise in finding the best clinic for your treatment. We don’t give a medical advice about your treatment.

Make an appointment

With our information and your input, a well-considered choice can be made for the clinic that fit your needs. We will arrange the registration at the clinic of your choice. If so desired, we could offer you a full itinerary including flight, accommodation of your choice and travel assistance.