Why FertiTravel

We know from experience that it is intensive to undergo fertility treatment. On top of this, if your only option is a fertility treatment abroad it is often difficult to make a correct choice from the many providers offering fertility treatment.

Laws and regulations

It is very important to be well informed of the laws and regulations in the country where you want to undergo your fertility treatment. Good research is very important. Laws and regulations differ per country. In various countries it is for example not permitted to treat gay families or single women. Other requirements are sometimes the need for mandatory investigations prior to fertility treatment.

Selected clinics

We have partnerships with several clinics. These clinics were selected on the basis of results, personal support, quality and price.

Because we like to know with whom we collaborate, we visit these clinics on regular basis. This has many advantages, we know the people you are going to deal with, we also know the best hotels near the clinic and travel options to the clinic.

When you’ve chosen a clinic with whom we do not have a partnership, we will contact this clinic for you and support you in such a way that we can also offer you our full services.