Become a Cooperating Partner

We are always looking to expand our network of qualified and professional IVF partnerships in order to offer clients relevant and high quality information about infertility treatments abroad.

Why Become a FertiTravel Partner?

As infertility treatments are on the rise in Europe, we manage more clients than ever before. We are looking for new partners.
Our clients are becoming more and more diverse, we need to be able to offer quality driven and ethical solutions.
With varying European legislation, we need clinics who offer services not available in the patient´s home countries.
We are an established organization with an excellent track record. We are known to be fair partners.

What We Offer

  • The foundations of a solid partner.
  • Clear and fair terms.
  • Logistic help with foreign clients.

What We Expect from IVF Clinics?

  • Before creating an IVF clinic partnership, we will visit your clinic and lab.
  • We want to know which certifications clinics hold.
  • We look for clinics who offer above average success rates.

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We cooperate with 15 clinics in 8 countries.