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Just call us or fill out the contact form. After a short introductory call, we will arrange a personal meeting in our office or over Skype. During this conversation, we will get to know you and your needs and wishes, forming the foundation of how we can help you realize your dreams. These conversations are non-binding and we offer independent advice!
We try to get to know you and your needs in detailed discussions. We will select clinics that meet your needs and wishes and we will also inform you about the costs.
In most cases, treatment requires two trips to the clinic. The first to prepare and freeze the sperm, and the second for embryo transfer. In order to make the treatment as relaxed as possible, we advise you to arrive the day before the treatment and stay in a hotel near the clinic. We can help you organize the trip upon request.
It depends on your needs. We give you a clear overview of prices at specific clinics abroad, including the extras.
We have established partnerships with clinics throughout Europe in countries such as Germany, Spain, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, and Switzerland.
FertiTravel’s is headquartered in the Netherlands. We also have offices in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.
Our office is located in Gemertin the southeast of the Netherlands. Gemertis is easily accessible by car (parking available) or public transport. We are available by phone from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m and offer daily consultations. You can even make an appointment for the evening and on Saturdays as well. If it is difficult for you to come to Gemertin, we will look at other options, such as Skype.
We have established partnerships with clinics throughout Europe, in countries such as Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Finland, Cyprus, etc.
To be eligible for reimbursement, you must obtain permission from your health insurer before you start the treatment process abroad. In most cases for Dutch patients, you will be reimbursed the maximum Dutch rate for a treatment. Be aware that extra options are offered during treatment, such as examinations and treatments. There may not be part of the standard in the Netherlands and are not usually covered by health insurers. You should contact your healthcare provider after receiving your quote to discuss your policy’s coverage to avoid surprises later. Treatments such as IVF and ICSI are covered by the woman’s policy even if the cause lies with the man. However, tests for the need for male treatments are billed to his policy.
As soon as we are aware of your needs, we can offer you the best choices and provide a price estimate. There are many possibilities with very different rates.
Most countries offer sperm and oocytes from anonymous donors. This means the child will never learn the donor’s identity. However, if you want to offer your child the possibility of knowing the biological donor, opt for an open egg donation. This means that your child can receive personal data from the donor as soon as they reach a certain age (depending on legal regulations in the country of choice).
You can ask us anything. We are very experienced in treatments and (almost) nothing is foreign. Medical questions should be discussed before and during treatment with your doctor. Fertitravel does not provide any medical advice.
You decide when to start treatment. As soon as you choose a clinic, the first embryo transfer can take place in as little as four months. Because of fluctuations, we’ll inform you about any waiting lists during our meeting.
  • The world of infertility treatments can be a jungle and it helps to have a guide. We are here to help you with that.
  • There are many fertility clinics in many different countries. It is very difficult to find a suitable clinic that meets your needs and desires.
  • An infertility journey can be very tense. Traveling abroad can make it even more difficult because of local laws and restrictions, foreign languages and cultures, etc. If needed, we can also help with translations.
  • You have to make a lot of decisions, including the treatment you need, whether to select an anonymous or non-anonymous donor, the country, and finally the financial matters. When you need someone to share your thoughts, we will be there for you.
  • You know where you stand before you start treatment, including costs
  • We offer independent advice
  • IVF / ICSI
  • IUI
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous egg and sperm donation
  • Embryo donation
  • Extended genetic research
  • Family balancing
  • Referrals for surrogacy
We do not provide medical advice and we do not mediate adoption.
It is very difficult to find a donor in the Netherlands. This is due to the law that was introduced in 2004 and states the following: As of 2004, children over 16 years of age, born through artificial insemination with donor seed (KID), egg donation, or embryo donation, are legally entitled to know the identity of the donor. There was a drastic reduction in the number of donors as well as a change in the type of donor in the run-up to and after the law came into effect. The shortage of donor material is one reason why people travel abroad for infertility treatments.
The age limit varies from country to country. We can give you an extensive overview during a personal consultation.
Unlike in the Netherlands, donors remain anonymous in many countries. If you want a non-anonymous donor, we can offer you several options in different countries.
Yes! In some countries, it is forbidden to treat lesbian couples or single women. We have years of experience with same-sex couples or single-by-choice parents and can give you a wealth of information about this in a personal consultation.

Or contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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