Medical Travel

We have years of experience with infertility treatments abroad and we’re proud that we’ve played an important role in bringing happiness to so many families. With our knowledge and broad European network, we can help you make a well-educated decision about the fertility clinic that best suits your needs.

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Medical Travel Offers...

Discretion and personal counselling.
Procedures which are unavailable at home.
Experienced medical staff in modern clinics.
Excellent pre and post procedure care.

How Medical Travel Works

We get to know you.
We present you with all the possible options.
We introduce you to European IVF clinics and leading European physicians.
We tailor-make your journey according to your needs.
We secure all the necessary steps.
You can concentrate on the most important thing – your future family.

Are you interested in another procedure not listed here?

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We Travel to these Clinics

We cooperate with 15 clinics in 8 countries.
We see Anneke from FertiTravel as a warm person whose thinking is similar to ours. She was always there for us when needed. She gave us honest and good advice, so we know where we stood.
Martina & Serge