Sperm & Egg Donation

There are situations where you may require the donation of biological material. In that case, you’ll need to consider whether to opt for an anonymous or non-anonymous donor. The non-anonymous option gives the child the opportunity to learn the donor’s identity once the child reaches a certain age. Anonymous donation, also called closed donation, removes the option of meeting the biological donor.

Donor eggs may be the best option in cases of prior illness, menopause, advanced age, genetic disorder, or other reasons. It’s also a viable solution for  single men or gay couples that would like to have a child. They can use their own sperm and then have a surrogate carry the child to term.

This is a specific case where reproductive medicine helps the recipient of a donated egg to become pregnant. It’s a safe method and gives women the chance to carry and give birth to a child. Egg donation is quite heavily regulated throughout Europe and the US and it’s important to be well-aware of all laws. Today, many IVF clinics and egg banks go to great lengths to perform the most rigorous and comprehensive screening and genetic testing to reduce the risk of transmission of autosomal recessive genetic diseases. Egg donation has proven to help many, couples and singles, male and female, straight and gay, to complete their families.

Sperm donation is a modern reproductive method used to overcome the unfortunate situation when functional male reproductive cells are lacking. An IUI or an IVF treatment is usually applied after the selection of donor sperm. Sometimes couples simply cannot become pregnant with the male’s sperm for a myriad of reasons that can include genetic and mechanical obstacles or chemotherapy damage. Lesbian couples or single women can also use sperm from a donor to complete fertilization.

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