Take A Look At What Our Patients Have Said

We were uncertain at points, but they supported us so well. After four previous IVF attempts elsewhere, we arranged everything through FertiTravel and became pregnant.
FertiTravel supports you very well during the procedures and takes a lot of work off your hands. This is very nice because you can focus on the things that are really important at that moment. I definitely recommend FertiTravel!
Elisabeth and partner
I recommend FertiTravel’s guidance to anyone with the desire to have children and who can no longer see the woods for the trees (or who no longer knows how, what, and where in terms of all the different clinics and possibilities).
FertiTravel helped me complete my family. They gave me an overview of what I can do to become a parent and introduced me to the right experts abroad that I needed. They were always there to support me.
We see Anneke from FertiTravel as a warm person whose thinking is similar to ours. She was always there for us when needed. She gave us honest and good advice, so we know where we stood.
Martina & Serge
FertiTravel helped me enormously. I really recommend everyone go to FertiTravel before you start treatment abroad.
Personal, committed, empathetic, clear, and professional: That is FertiTravel. This is an intense process and Anneke gave us fantastic assistance. And yes, we are pregnant.
Simone & Ben
FertiTravel does what they promise. The information and guidance were so much more than we expected.
Maarten & Ellen
Pregnant! After many IVF attempts, I went abroad. The first attempt was an immediate success!
Florian & Agnes
If you end up in the jungle of the infertility world, then you can’t have a better guide than FertiTravel.